About Us

Located in the heart of South Park, our family owned and operated pizzeria has been tossing dough in the neighborhood for over 30 years. I’m sure you are asking yourself, “Are they really Italian?” Yes! The family immigrated from Southern Italy in the 1960’s. On any given day you’ll find ‘Mom’ making delicious pies, her son Otto making sandwiches, and during busy hours, her daughter Maria might sneak in to give them a hand at the register. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a wink and smile from Otto or a verbal beat down from Maria!

About the grub

‘Mom’ makes her own dough, sauces, meatballs, and more! Everything is cooked to order, and like all good things, it’s worth the wait! Feel free call in your order, especially during lunch hours when you’re craving some Italian comfort food, but may not have the time to wait.

Napoli Pizzeria Family